Dim-Dep gave me my big break
My talent was discovered by Atlas Duma when he saw me performing at the Bat Centre in 2015. He spoke to me about the environmental theme of Dim-Dep and I was fascinated. Instead of pure entertainment which I was used to in the theatre industry, this was a rare and engaging production that focused on real and burning issues for our communities. I acted in both 2015 and 2016 productions and I was completely changed. I am now so much more alert on preservation of natural resources. I believe that it is every single person’s role to raise awareness of this so that you can change other people’s understanding and behaviour towards environmental issues that affect us deeply. This is certainly how I have lived my life since then. Last year, I signed up with a leading agent in Johannesburg and acted for film and TV industry. The most exciting for me is Umcebo kaBaba (my father’s inheritance) which will be aired on Msanzi Magic. Then Dim-Dep Musical 2018 called me back to Durban. This show is in my blood. I love it. I will again play a lead role, Mpume in the 21st Century of this show that goes back to the stone age. So I am here to act but also play a role as a brand ambassador.

Ntokozo “Sngqazu” Ngcobo
Actress, Dim-Dep

This book gave me the perfect opportunity to sit down with a cup of tea, some rusks and a couple of donuts (as instructed by the author) whilst I briefed my brother before he ventures off to university. Eye opening is how I would best describe this amazing ‘tutorial’. It focused on the core values of one’s self, specifically self-discipline and self-reflection, as well as a step-by-step guide on what you need to know before and during the course of varsity. The importance of education is highly stressed, as we learn that focus and dedication are vital throughout the process. This book provides helpful techniques on how to overcome challenges and it’s explained how difficult it can be to adjust from secondary education to tertiary education if you’re not emotionally and mentally prepared for the major jump. Overall this book gives us the perfect breakdown of what to expect as well as what to avoid when preparing for university.

Crystal Hepple
Reader of Preparation for University

Living the jazz legacy
It began with a dream and the dedication of innovator Bheki Ntuli who brought together a brass band who were all well experienced, and who all came from the Umkhumbane background.
I joined in 2012 as a pianist/keyboard player, having been a lecturer in ensemble and improvisation, and always playing the role in musical director in church, as well as having exposure in the industry. My experience grew and in the process I started playing the role of musical director of the Umkhumbane Jazz Ensemble. Then when we went into recording, I was appointed producer.
When I was at university we were doing American jazz, and I then introduced the students to African music as part of the ensemble. We are African and we need to be doing us, as Africans. I am involved in the Umkhumbane Jazz Ensemble because as a younger person, I want to be a role model to those children and youth to show them that our heritage is rich and we must carry on the legacy, musically and otherwise.

Musa Vincent Mtetwa
Ensemble producer